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Health Informatics

The analysis of vast collections of clinical data (electronic health records or 'EHR') from patients provides insights into the effectiveness of drugs, prescription patterns, patient demographics and health outcomes, as well as the cost of care and the benefits of therapies around the world. We provide data science and engineering services to pharma, biotech and healthcare institutions.

Doctor typing electronic health record and medical history as structured clinical data
Digital devices monitor health outcomes and digital biomarkers

Medical Devices and Digital Health

Novel smartphones and wearables today provide vital information about our wellbeing that can be monitored remotely (digital biomarkers) and serve for the design of diagnostic and disease risk models. We provide data pipelines for novel digital devices supporting this emerging industry, as well as data modelling and processing, with services including but not limited to AI and machine learning.

Medical Imaging

Machine learning and AI applied to medical image analysis provides insights that lead to the understanding of disease progression and early diagnosis, enabling physicians to make informed decisions. Our expert team provides both algorithmic support and engineering for robust pipelines for image file management.

Magnetic resonance imaging of patients permit the early diagnosis of diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson's
In-silico drug screening and AI can facilitate drug discovery and development

In-Silico Drug Discovery and Phenotypic Screening

The integration of chemical, biological and clinical data now has the potential to transform the way in which we discover new drugs. Multi-omics and phenotypic data from drug activity, combined with modern machine learning methods, provide information on drug mechanism of action, allowing us to screen only the most promising drug candidates paving the way for faster, cheaper and safer personalised medicine. We develop and validate cheminformatics algorithms for in-silico phenotypic and target-based screening that rely on our integrated data platforms.

Data Engineering and Architecture

Data science and AI rely on robust and integrated data management systems. The design of data pipelines needs to satisfy the requirements of data provenance, security, confidentiality, integrity and quality. Data has to be updated, backed-up and curated. Algorithms for data ingestion and integration, as well as software to mitigate data sparsity and inhomogeneity, are put in place by our team to fulfil all the requirements of solid data platforms.

Data engineering and data architecture support the design of data platforms that enable data science


We are actively seeking collaborations and partnerships with pharma, biotech, insurance companies and health care providers.

Phenobytelife - Experiments performed in a lab generate data that can be modeled using artificial intelligence
Corporate and Academic Partnerships

We are seeking academic research groups and corporate R&D teams interested in co-developing new technology using AI and machine learning.

Phenobytelife - Academic researchers and corporate teams collaborate in grant writing
Government-Funded Programmes

Our team members have experience in participating in H2020 and EU-funded grant programmes. We can provide our expertise in data science and data management for genomic, screening, experimental, biological and clinical data including imaging and electronic health records (EHR).

Phenobytelife - Team is aligned to create a collaborative environment
Partner with Us

Our scientific and engineering team is devoted to making an impact in the healthcare sector. Contact us to discuss new opportunities for partnership and collaboration.



Experience in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, image analysis and image processing, Any platform and programming language is welcome. Critical thinking and a passion for life sciences is a must!


Experience in the design of Big Data pipelines to support key business data flows. Data preparation and transformations, establishing design and programming patterns for technical and non-technical users.


Biology and/or health background. Experience in the deployment of new technologies and digital transformation across the life sciences and health sector. Understanding of the value and opportunities of data science. Robust network and solid interpersonal skillset.


We would like to hear about interested contributors that want to join our team and our vision


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